HTC Vive

"Rays" Co-Op Multiplayer FPS Announced for HTC Vive, Debut Trailer!

Rays” has just been announced for the HTC Vive! It is a full scale, VR multiplayer FPS title (that support up to 4 players co-op) that is under development by Dazzle.

Dazzle has got previous experiences in creating shooter titles for VR, having released OhanaChan (Oculus Store) and Ninja and Princess (Oculus Store), both for the Gear VR. This title marks the debut work on the HTC Vive platform for the company, and is positioned as a full fledged FPS title for VR. More details for this work will be released in the future.

This game is set in a town that has been destroyed by the world war. To restore the civilization, you are tasked to retrieve an antibody in a facility that is heavily guarded.

Rays will be launching in the middle of 2017.