Viral & Viral EX On Sales To Celebrate Viral Quarantine's Launch

Viral Quarantine, the follow up to Gear VR classic “Viral” , has been released last week on the Samsung Gear VR over the Oculus Store. This new arcade shooter title, developed and published by Fierce Kaiju, takes you to the world of Quarantine, populated by deadly viruses, traps, tricks and hidden secrets.

E.V.E (Emotional Virtual Engine) , an advanced computer system is set to deal with the threat of these infection, and Ragnorok is the anti-virus for this task. In this world, you have to destroy the virus strains by gunning them down.

Viral Quarantine features new foes and weapons over its predecessor. You have access to the new tactile Manipulator, the devastating Guided Shot and the hilarious Lure to clear your path.

To celebrate the launch, Fierce Kaiju has just put up Viral (for Gear VR) and Viral EX (Oculus Rift) on sale until the end of May.

Check out the links below to purchase the games.