"Kaiji: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair" Delayed

It seems like the Japanese PSVR owners will have to wait a little while longer to get their hands on “Kaiji: Steel Beam Crossing of Despair” now, as the developer has announced that the title will be delayed to July of 2017, according to inside-games.

Announced back in October 2016, this Playstation VR title from Solid Sphere is based on the gambling manga/anime story “Kaiji” by Nobuyuki Fukamoto. In this story, a group of people were gathered together to play a series of high stakes gambling games. In one of the games (which is where this VR title is specifically based on), the participants were forced to walk across steel beams from a tall building to a platform. As you will have imagine by now, this is a rather scary and intense scenario.

The title was originally planned for a Winter release. Solid Sphere states that various circumstances were the reason for the delay and they apologized for the inconvenience. A new release date and price will be revealed at a later date.