"Bullet Sorrow VR" Update Adds Free Locomotion in PvP, Infinite Mode

Multiplayer online VR shooter game “Bullet Sorrow VR” for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift became a full release recently, but that doesn’t mean the update is going to stop. Today, VikingStudioVR, developer of the game, drops a new update on Steam which improves the game in several ways, including an infinite mode.

  • Movement type changed, no more teleporting in PVP and infinite mode, replaced by trackpad/thumbstick free locomotion. Main stages stay the same;
  • Rotation control button switched to right thumbstick on Oculus Touch;
  • Server optimization for North American and Europe players, more 
  • smooth PVP experience now;
  • Increased impact reaction to PVP players;
  • Added wall mechanics, now players will bounce back when touch the walls;
  • Fixed sometimes abnormal name display in PVP mode;
  • Fixed sometimes cannot choose side in PVP mode;