Steam New Release: Viking Rage

Tower defense VR game “Viking Rage” has just been released on the HTC Vive over Steam. This game, developed by N-Gon Entertainment, is set in the mystical world of the vikings.

You will be utilizing various weapons, from axes to bombs, as well as bow and arrows to defeat the mythical creatures, and to prevent them from breaching your defense.

The game features a wide variety of stages based on the worlds of the Norse mythology, such as the Asgard, Jotunheimr and Vanaheimr. Each stages offer different waves of enemies, and there’s even a boss fight in the Jotunheim stage too.

The game also features hidden minigames and ‘puzzles’ through out as well, and really make use of the room-scale tracking of VR.

Viking Rage is currently on a 10% launch discount right now.

Title: Viking Rage
Genre: Action, Tower Defense
Developer: N-Gon Entertainment
Publisher: Headup Games
VR Support: HTC Vive
Play Area: Standing, Room Scale
Link: Steam Page