"Thorrows" Announced for Vive, Trailer

Indie developer Barkland Games has announced their debut title! “Thorrows” is a virtual reality title that is scheduled for release on the HTC Vive.

Backland Games seems to be a new indie developer, and here’s how they describe themselves:

Barkland Games is an Indie Team of Game Developers originated in the Ruhr region of Germany.

The Company is not regionally limited, since it is working in an online collaboration. Barkland Games is specialized in the working field of Virtual Reality and has the vision of innovating immersive and story driven VR experiences.


In “Thorrows – beneath the shadows” you are playing a cunning thief named Gren. Greed and violence are festering in the world of Thorrows. While the authorities exploit the working class the only way to not starve and suffer leads to illegality. Initially Gren only tries to enrich himself, but soon steps into a struggle for power fueled by dark and ancient forces. The whole world happens to collapse – nature seems to have turned mankind against itself.

Eventually, devious mysteries and deceptions cause Gren to wonder whether all he knows is actually true…


As a fully story-driven title, this game will be split into chapters, each providing different situations and environments.

This is a stealth based title, so expect looks of sneaking around. In this game, 2 movement types has been confirmed: trackpad sliding and arm swinging.


A pre-alpha gameplay video has been shown, which gives us a better idea on the game itself. This title is still in an early stage of development, so don’t expect a release so soon.


Here are some concept arts of the title.

Check out the trailer below to learn about the gameplay mechanics about this title. Do note that this is pre-alpha gameplay video, so this is most probably not going to be exactly what you see in the final version.