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Big Fish Games Renaming "Galaxy Golf" To "Moonshot Galaxy", PSVR Port Announced

Big Fish Games has just issued a press release, which contain 2 major announcement: First, their VR puzzle adventure title (developed by their internal VR studio Liftoff Labs) “Galaxy Golf” has been renamed to “Moonshot Galaxy“. Secondly, this title will be coming to Playstation VR.

In a Galaxy far, far away…

Moonshot Galaxy™ is a VR game like no other. Play your way through planetary challenges in exotic branches of the galaxy at your own pace. Designed for comfort, anyone can pick it up and play – though reaching the top of the leaderboards will put your skills to the test. The polished presentation and endlessly addictive game-play of Moonshot Galaxy™ make it an excellent choice for VR veterans and newbies alike.

Initially released under its former title for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, this title has been refined and updated over time, with additional content, leaderboards and others. In an update to Steam today, they have not only announced the title change, but also confirmed that 2 new courses will be coming soon (to all the versions).

For our debut in VR development we wanted to make a game that took full advantage of what makes VR different from traditional games. VR provides depth perception, so it’s great for exploring spaces and understanding the dimensionality of the world and using that understanding for gameplay.

We wanted it to be mellow and accessible, low pressure, and where reaction time wouldn’t be a factor. Moonshot Galaxy™ has a friendly pick-up-and-play design which makes it an excellent choice for newcomers to VR.

We also wanted a game that was highly replayable and challenging to master. We added a ‘Pro Mode’ to offer more game time to seasoned VR fans and trophy hunters. I’m thrilled to bring Moonshot Galaxy™ to PS VR and I think players will find it an innovative and fun addition to their game collection” – Mars Jokela, Director of Liftoff Labs

According to Big Fish Games, the title change was due to fans feedback, as it makes its customers thought this is a golf game in space, but were surprise to see no golf clubs or swinging involved. As such, they have gave it a new title which better suits the nature of the game.

Big Fish Games has already have the Playstation VR build prepared, and if everything goes to plan, will launch on the PSVR next week. Needless to say, this title will feature Playstation Move motion controllers when it launch.