"Deadly Hunter" VR is Now a Free Game!

Leiting Interactive has removed the pricetag of their early access HTC Vive VR game “Deadly Hunter“, rendering the game free (for now at least) on Steam.

This game was released last month, and have many positive reviews. According to their announcement, this move is to get more people playing it, so they can gather more feedbacks they can listen to turn it into a better game.

Take the role of a Deadly Hunter in this first person defense game!
The Orcs invaded our homeland but we defeated them. However, there are still small bands of Orcs lingering in a number of our strongholds. As a renowned hunter, your task is to eliminate the remaining Orc troops and to liberate all strongholds.

They have removed the demo, and should you feel unhappy because you have purchased it recently , you can request for a refund.

Deadly Hunter VR have been released at April 18, after 9 months of developing and 1 month of testing. It’s a hard but also funny journey. 

The reviews are almost positive. But the players who have played the game are less than 2000. It’s far below my expectations.

In my opinion, the VR market is in an early stage. The more important thing is to learn how to make a good VR game and get feedback from the players.

So I just turned the game into a free game. Hoping you will enjoy the game for free, and give me more feedback please. I will continue to develop and support it.

Thanks for the help of the Steam Publish team. They helped to deal with it. And they will enable users who have bought Deadly Hunter VR to self-refund the game.

By the way, we will remove the download button of the demo version.