Oculus New Release: City Avenger

China VR studio “Chesstar” has just remastered their Gear VR title, “City Avenger” for the Oculus Rift!

City Avenger is a 3rd person shooter title, which is played by a gamepad. In this title, you will be using a range of weapons, such as rifle, machine gun and rocket launcher to engage in a series of missions, such as defeating enemies, or destroying vans. You can also drive the vehicles (eg car, turrent, tank, helicopter), and also enter bullet time as you kill those bad guys, or simply maul them down with your vehicle too.

The Oculus Rift version features much better graphics than the mobile Gear VR version. Check out the Oculus Store here for the Oculus Rift version ($9.99), or here for the Gear VR version ($2.99).

According to its web site, this game will be appearing on Steam too, as well as Playstation VR.