Oculus New Release: Storm VR

Storm VR, an indie game created by TeamStormVR, has just been released on the Oculus Store.

This title is a very short, atmospheric survival game, but it is actually the first of a bigger, overall project. The dev team (which consist of a bunch of friends) states that this is a passion project , and that Storm VR is actually the first of a bigger plan, with 5 more levels to come in the future.

This title depicts a man who wakes up in an intense snowstorm, and now natural instinct kicks in, as he has to seek shelter from the weather before time runs out and he gets freeze to death. The time it takes for him to get frozen is in real time, and apparently this title is designed in a way where you will die rather easily, but your experience and knowledge will improve your survival rate in subsequent gameplay. It may sound frustrating, but it really isn’t (Took me to clear it on the 3rd try). The conclusion of this Storm VR seems to set the stage for the follow-up.

This short game has been released on Steam since last September, and is compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This launch means Oculus Rift can now purchase it on the Oculus Store.