Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR New Release: Kingdom Watcher

Subdream Studios has just released their mobile VR Strategy/Action title, “Kingdom Watcher” for Samsung Gear VR on the Oculus Store!

This title features optional Samsung Gear VR controller support (well, its more immersive if you play with one), and it is a tower defense/archery title. In this game, you will be launching arrows using your bow at the Troll King and his minions from the tower of your castle, as you take down and deplete their health as quickly as possible.


The archery element is just half of the game, as there are also tower defense too. Your arrows are not strong enough, but you will be able to build various building structures (such as a cannon and catapult) that automatically attack enemies that dare venture too close to comfort, which aids you in your missions to protect the castle.

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Kingdom Watcher also features a multiplayer Duel Mode, that pit you against fellow human opponents. A target board hovers above every individuals’ heads, which turns in according to where the player is facing. The trailer shows that you can play against up to 3 human opponents, and the premise is to take down all of your opponents by depleting their health bar.