Daydream New Release: Hungry Shark VR

Ubisoft is one of the pioneering AAA studios who have invested and created lots of VR contents, such as Eagle Flight, Werewolves Within, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which sees imminent release (30th May). On the mobile side, they have also released Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan for the Google Daydream View too.

Today, they have quietly added another title to their VR portfolio, as they releases Hungry Shark VR for the Google Daydream, where you play as a shark in virtual reality. This title is actually not something out of the blue too, as it is actually a part of the “Hungry Shark” series which consist of 2 mobile games: “Hungry Shark World” and “Hungry Shark Evolution“.

In this title, you have some missions with 3 different types: eat as much as you can, racing, and rescue your fellow sharks. You can expect to see various hostiles, such as stinging jellyfish, divers and others. There are different specifies of sharks as unlockable secrets too, including the iconic Great White shark and the Bull Shark.

Here are some gameplay screenshots and trailer to go along with the launch. This title cost $4.99 on the Google Play Store.