"Bloody Zombies" Announced, Has Optional VR Support for PSVR/Vive/Rift

Co-op brawler title “Bloody Zombies” has been announced for the PS4, PC and XBox One, and is set to have optional VR support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

Unlike nearly every VR title however, this is a 2D title and is not played from first person perspective. In this game, 4 lone outcasts (Teller, Mick ‘The Brick’, Rei, & Eddie) has band together to form a fragile alliance as they goes on to fight and take down the hordes of mutated zombies who has taken over London. Bloody Zombies will have local and online co-op of up to 4 players using free-form combat. (Due to the constraint of the hardware it is most probably that only 1 player can play in VR when in local co-op mode).

In VR, this game is enhanced in a way whereby the levels are presented as a diorama, allowing VR gamers to admire the beautifully crafted 3D background, easier to see what’s ahead and finding secret areas or chests easier due to the wider viewing angle when compared to 2D borders.

Bloody Zombies is launching somewhere this year, and will be developed by Paw Print Games and published by nDreams. Check out the screenshots and trailer below.