“Dragon Front” To Add Single Player Campaigns on May 23rd

High Voltage‘s Dragon Front, a collectible card VR game for the Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Store) and Oculus Rift (Oculus Store), is a social online strategy card title that pits players from all around the world against each other, featuring 5 unique factions and a champion system across over 400 cards of battle-harden soldiers, fortification and spells.

It is up to you, a banished deity controlling one of seven devout factions, to change the past and restore order to the shattered world. This immersive collectible card-battler mixes high fantasy with World War II on a 4×4 grid battlefield that is alive with mobile squads, rampaging giants, intimidating war-machines, and soaring projectiles. Assemble your forces and take to the frontlines!

Today, High Voltage announces that they will be adding Single Player campaigns to this title! According to the announcement, the new update will be arriving on May 23rd. Check out the tweet announcement below!


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