New Gear VR Release: Star Drive

VR development studio Lucid Sight released their PSVR title “Herocade” not too long ago, and now they has just released their latest virtual reality title “Star Drive” for Samsung Gear VR!

More of an experience than a game, Star Drive is a VR roller-coaster tour, but you are coasting off a journey through the space instead. From the trailer, it seems you will be go through fictional space environments, such as “the gas mining city of Nimbus, skirt the corona of Epsilon Eridani, dive into the heart of a massive starship battle, and more!”

There are 5 VR space environments in total, with unique track experiences. The trips are procedural, so you have an unique experience every time you try it.

Star Drive can be purchased on the Oculus Store now. Enjoy the screenshots and trailer below.