"A-Tech Cybernetic" Update Adds New Map, Boss Fight, Swarm Mode Changes

A-Tech Cybernetic is a first person shooter sci-fi title for the HTC Vive created by XREAL Games, and was released back in March as Early Access over Steam.

A-Tech Cybernetic is a visibly beautifully elaborated sci-fi game taking place at external and internal venues, whereby players are exposed to such effects and impacts, which are not possible for a human being to experience in real life without any dangers. The enemy consists of robots created by the humans, which are very realistic-looking enemies with an unbelievably detailed finish.

Today, the game gets a new update as it takes another steps toward full release. This update brings about a new map to the Swarm Mode: the “Cave”, alongside a new boss known simply as “the Brute”.

Different lighting scenarios were also added for every difficulty level as well to let you feel the stakes of your actions. A money system (where you earn money from killing enemies and spending them for guns), closable zombie doors, optimization and other minor improvements has been issued with this update.

A new trailer has been made to highlight the update. Check it out below.