Oculus New Release: Symphony of the Machine

Symphony of the Machine was made available for the Playstation VR and HTC Vive (Steam) last month, and today, Oculus Rift players can now enjoy the game too! Symphony of the Machine is now out on the Oculus Store.

An ancient tower stands in a barren land – ascend it and discover its mysterious powers. Symphony of the Machine is a meditative spatial puzzle game made specifically for virtual reality. Enter a beautiful but dead world and begin to breathe life back into it. With the help of your robot companion, use a variety of tools to manipulate an ancient machine that can control the weather. By manipulating a laser, you can create unique weather patterns needed to start regrowing the land. Watch as the landscape around you shifts and changes based on your interactions with the machine.

Symphony of the Machine is a puzzle title,where you uses various tools to operate the machine that controls the weather to regrow the land. This game is created by Stirfire Studio.