"Overturn VR" Game Development Is Completed, Enters QA Stage

Overturn VR is an upcoming action/puzzle sci-fi title from Studio HG, which fuses adventure elements into an action-based game with enemies, gunfights, swordsmanship confrontation while moving in the VR environment. The unique graphic style is created by Han Dae-Hoon (the person behind Studio HG), and it is now one of the most anticipated VR works from Korea. YJM Games will be handling the publishing work of the game, after inking a deal with Studio HG few months ago.

Personally this is one of my most anticipated VR game due to its endearing character. Well, it seems release is rather imminent, as Studio HG has just stated that this title has completed development and is now entering QA stage, which is the stage right before the game is published. This game is coming out for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Here’s a trailer that was released few months ago.