"MYSTIC VR" Debut Video

Indie developer Null Activity has put up the first video for MYSTIC VR, an upcoming light puzzler/adventure virtual reality game. MYSTIC VR is currently around 90% completed at the moment, and will be up for sale over Steam in a month or so.

In this game, VR player is taken on a trip through a ” beautifully surreal, dark and warmly lit world in order to bring back the sunrise”. Movement options will be teleportation and touchpad locomotion, and the game will take about 2 hours, maybe more if you get stuck, according to the developer.

Null Activity has released some screenshots previously, which you can view on their web site. Today. the developer has released a beta video of the game. The game is currently scheduled to be released for the HTC Vive (the developer is hoping to bring it to the Oculus Rift too), according to the web site.