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"Edge of Atlantis" VR Kickstarter Funded

Creality Studio was seeking funding on kickstarter for their VR title “Edge of Atlantis” a while ago, and today they have announced a great news: the game has been successfully funded!

First, a quick recap/intro about this game. Edge of Atlantis is billed as a “VR Fantasy Roguelike Action RPG Game”, featuring “physics-based combat, strategic magical battles, questing and crafting in a procedurally generated fantasy world”. This room scale title supports the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch hardware, with emphasis on exploration and a hardcore permadeath mode.

The game is set in Atlantis, where the most advanced civilization in human history reside in. The “Edge of Atlantis” is the name of the legendary sword forged by these people, which is capable of bending the fabric of space and time to its wielder’s will. An evil sorcerer by the name of Eowauf is seeking to take the sword, therefore sealing Atlantis in a time loop and escaped into the timeless realms. Your mission is to restore Atlantis from the edge of time, and you can expect to visit various magical realms.

Edge of Atlantis has a Steam Page, which indicate a release date of September 2017, and many other finer details about the title.

While the title has already met its goal, you can still proceed to back this project if you haven’t (there’s still 11 hours to go as of this writing) to get early discount and Alpha/Beta access.