“Grav|Lab” VR Version 1.0 Update Out, Exit Early Access

Virtual reality title “Grav|Lab” by Mark Schramm, has been in Early Access for a while, but that no longer holds true now, as the title has been updated, turning it into a full release. 

This game is a physics-based title for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, whereby the puzzles are made up of electronic circuit. You will be placing various parts like panels, booster, switches and other to solve the problem in this game.

Hey everyone,

version 1.0 is out now :). It brings 7 new levels with 3 difficulty settings each.

With this update, Grav|Lab transitions from Early Access to Full Release, but that doesn’t mean the updates will stop! 🙂

For the coming months, I am planning to release more levels via the built-in Workshop and add more features and probably a bit more polish to the existing gameplay.

I’d like to thank everybody who played Grav|Lab during its Early Access phase. The game would have been very different with your feedback and input :).



The update has been deployed over Steam and Oculus Store

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