Oculus New Release: Twisted Arrow

Twisted Arrow is a virtual reality arcade/shooter title, that has been released over Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (with Oculus Touch) back in March. For the Oculus Rift owners who prefer to purchase this game on the Oculus platform however, Phaser Lock has a good news for you today: Twisted Arrow has just been released on the Oculus Store!

Twisted Arrow is a first-person shooter that gives players adrenaline-packed arcade style action. Armed with a top secret combat bow and an arsenal of devastating arrows, you must traverse and fight your way through a city occupied by a high-tech army, mechs, zombies, and chemical monsters.

Twisted Arrow has been gathering many positive reviews from gamers for its quality, gameplay length and its arrow/bow mechanics. One thing to emphasize here: this game is not a wave shooter. The price for the game on the Oculus Store is $19.99, but for these 2 weeks, Phaser Lock is holding a 2 weeks launch sale, with a 25%, knocking the price down to $14.99 during this period. Here are some screenshots and a trailer of the game to get you hype about this launch!