"Special Delivery" Coming to Playstation VR, Announcement Trailer

Special Delivery for virtual reality will be ported to Playstation VR! First released for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam , Viveport and Oculus Store,this game will be ‘optimized’ for the Playstation VR, and will be for sale over the Playstation Store on June 6

Special Delivery by Meerkat Gaming is basically the first person VR version of the classic “Paperboy”: you will be riding your bicycle acrossing streets as you deliver the papers by tossing them into the houses of the residents.

You can expect obstacle in this game, such as cars, dogs and tornadoes which you has to dodge across 28 levels. On the PC, this supports the VirZOOM peripheral too, but while VirZOOM has a Playstation VR version too, it seems the PSVR version of this game is not confirmed to be compatible with VirZOOM for Playstation VR yet.

Check out the announcement trailer below.