"Battle Dome" Update Adds New Levels & More

Battle Dome VR on PC has just been updated recently, with new contents and optimizations.

Battle Dome VR is an team-based (up to 5 pee team) arena shooter title, released as Early Access last year for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift over Steam. It is created by Bad Bird Studios. Here’s the change log:

Hello, everybody! This update includes:

– New co-op mode: Swarm 2. This time you are surrounded by the enemies, and you can roam freely around the level. You also have the option of turning the lights off to make it more intense.

– 2 new levels: Face Off and Complex. Face Off is a straight forward head on level. Complex has 3 floors, some hallways, and a 3 story tower in the middle.

– I added noises to a lot of things (bullets impacts, explosions, shooting color, tile color changes, core hits).

– Enemies heads will now explode when killed with a head shot.

– New cores. They now look small stars, and they go *whoom* when you hit them.

– You can now toggle two handed aiming with the grip button.

– Increased bullet speeds for higher powered rifles.

– Added a little colored orb to the color guns to make it more obvious that they are color guns.

– Bug fixes.

Let me know if you find any bugs! Have fun!