Sega To Debut VR Attractions in Japan Next Week

Sega has previously expressed interest in VR, and has dipped its toe in virtual reality here and there, including bringing Zero Latency VR to Joypolis amusement center in Tokyo. Sega’s European boss Jurgen Post has also mentioned that VR has caught the company’s attention, and they are exploring ways to invest into VR as well.

Well, it seems we may be looking at some of their VR investment soon, as Sega has just stated that they will be showcasing some VR attractions at the end of this month (31st May 2017). These attractions will apparently be shown in the “Sega VR Area” at Akihabara, Club Sega Akihabara New Building 6th floor. I am guessing these attractions will be installed at Sega’s arcades and amusement centers, rather than for private use (for PC or consoles). But there’s hopefully a chance that they will convert these VR attraction for private use, in the future.

Sega will be sharing more details soon. Check out the tweet of the announcement (in Japanese)