"Punch Bomb" VR Gets The Fitness Update

Punch Bomb VR was released over Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift late last year as early access game, and today, it has a brand new update that brings it one step closer to full release.

Punch Bomb is a VR arcade title from Chris Folea, which revolves around punching things, using the motion controllers. You will be punching bombs away, dodging obstacles and also fighting bosses in Grav Bomb. There are also secret fists that are waiting to be unlocked as well in this game, not to mention powerups, combos to maximize scores and a global leaderboards.

The update adds a new FITNESS mode, which is basically an ‘endless punch’ mode in Classic, with some options. There’s no score and you won’t die in this mode, but you have a workout timer instead.

The Fist Framework has been updated as well, with new animation and physics added. There are 2 new unlockable fists too: a pirate hooks and a fitness fists.

Lastly, there are some new art for Descend.

I’ve moved the rusty, grungy art to zone 2 (levels 4-6) of Descend and have zone 1 artwork in place! Now just a zone 3 and a boss level! (art-wise)

I DID have to take a break from Descend, however, to focus on Fitness Mode and the new unlockable fists – I will get back to work on it now, though! Lots of enemies, powerups, etc to come!

Check out the full announcement for more details.