"Sublevel Zero" Getting HTC Vive/Oculus Rift Support in July

Sigtrap Games‘ virtual reality title, Sublevel Zero is going to receive VR support on PC in July, according to announcement.

Sublevel Zero is a first-person roguelike six-degree-of-freedom shooter , released way back in 2015. You assume the role of a gunship pilot in this game, looting and crafting ancient technology as you explore the procedurally generated , zero-gravity environments, such as industrial zones to mining caverns. There are items and blueprints to unlock, weapons to collect as you craft them together to fit onto your gunship.

Sublevel Zero was ported to console as “Sublevel Zero Redux“, and features additional new contents. The PC version is set to get these new contents for free in July 13rd, as the game will get retitled (to Sublevel Zero Redux) to reflect the change. The new contents include additional introduction campaign, remastered campaign, difficulty modifier, new enemies and more (learn more about the additional content here). 

There’s beta support for VR right now, but full VR support will be added on the same day these new contents.

The game will launch with full support for Oculus and Vive. Weapons such as the Smartgun, Homing Missiles and Homing Swarms have lock-on capabilities which can be utilised with head tracking. There’s also a wide variety of different comfort options to suit your individual needs.