"IronWolf VR" Update Adds Local Multi Crew & Underwater Terrain

The latest update (on Steam) for IronWolf VR, a VR game for the HTC Vive that allows you to operate a submarine, has received a new update that adds several new features.

In this update, an experimental local desktop control for the in-game ‘control room of the submarine’ has been added, allowing another player to use the desktop to operate the ‘control room’. You can toggle between this view, and the VR view on the desktop by tapping the spacebar.

Some points to note:

  • Local controls can be turned on/off in the menu
  • Local controls are available in single player mode
  • Local controls are only available to the host in multiplayer mode

Underwater terrain has been added, which can be used to avoid Sonar ‘if you have landed on or are very close to the sea bed’.

The game is still in early access, so do expect more updates in the future from Ionized Studios. There is going to be a new enemy ship type along with extra missions for the next update.