Gear VR New Release: MicroSpy

Immersion VR has just released MicroSpy for Gear VR. It is a stealth/action/puzzle title, whereby you assume control of a miniature spy drone, that is the size of an insect. You will be carrying out various spy missions while avoiding getting caught.

In this title, the spy missions that you are tasked includes infiltrating enemy facilities, bypassing security and defense systems as you attempt to steal confidential information and data, hacking into secured networks, sabotage vital installations and even assassination of target. You will have to “use your wits to plan and execute complicated espionage operations. Hack or avoid security systems. Use your size as your advantage. Find hidden passages Avoid being detected by security cameras and enemy personel. Your detection will result in self destruction.”

The game is now up on Oculus Store. Check out the screenshots and trailer below.