"Puzzle & Dragon Cross VR" Announced

Japanese video game corporation GungHo Online, the creator of titles like “Ragnarok Odyssey”, “Iet It Die” and the mobile hit game “Puzzle & Dragons”, has just showed off their debut VR title, “Puzzle & Dragon Cross VR“.

“Puzzle & Dragons” is a mobile-oriented game series, which is widely popular in Japan. GungHo Online Entertainment announces the VR spinoff title “Puzzle & Dragon Cross VR” today at the Gungho Festival 2017, held on 28th May at Makuhari Messe in Japan.

In this title, VR player will see him/herself fighting against the mighty Chaos Devil Dragon that has appeared in the street. Tamazo will appear when you start the game, requesting your help. Once you receive instructions from Tamazo, the dragon will fly over the sky suddenly. The massive scale of this dragon is enough to induce goose bumps to the VR player. Based on the mobile version, you have to collect the drops in order to inflict damage to it.

According to Game Watch, the world is built using the “Physx” physical engine for great looking effects. It is unknown when the title will be released, nor whether this Chaos Devil Dragon fight is all we will be getting. According to the photos taken by Game Watch, this title was demoed using the HTC Vive, so it is safe to assume HTC Vive players will be able to play this title when it is released.

We’ll continue to keep track of this title and report back as we get more information.