"Virtual Warfighter" Update 5 Search & Destroy is Up

Tactical multiplayer VR title “Virtual Warfighter“, which was released last year as early access, has just received a brand new update. This is a title from MDA Digital, that’s require either a HTC Vive or a Oculus Rift to play over Steam.

Here’s the Steam Announcement for the update:

Hey guys.

It’s time for that highly anticipated update of ours! We are sorry we took our time with this release. The mini game of disarming the bomb took its while. But it paid off! Its really sweet arming and disarming the bomb with physical enabled copper wires that respond to your movements and are networked fluently to all machines!

We introduced two new concepts in this update, Tickets and “Perma.death where applicable”. The new S&D bomb mode defaults to that the attacker has Tickets, these will deplete by killing attackers. If the server instead choose to activate “Perma.death where applicable” some game modes will instead revert to permanent death when killed. Right now the S&D game mode is the only mode using perma.death.

We have also improved on the in-game lobby menu so that you get more information like tickets, which team you are on etc. We have also fixed team switching so its easier to play with your buddies.

That said, aside from continuing to push out new content our next focus will be on establishing a player base. We will explore options to allow potential players to try out the game for free, chief among them a multiplayer demo or a “free weekend” on steam. We will also look into other promotional possibilities.

Oh, and here is a quick teaser for the upcoming next game mode!

Check out the video for the new update.