HTC Vive

"Front Defense-Europe War VR" Launching Next Month

Front Defense is the title of a VR bunker turrent WWII military shooter game, that HTC has been showcasing proudly in many events. This arcade style title is also one if not the main highlight of HTC’s very own VIVELAND(a VR amusement centre) as well.


Front Defense VR is set in a WWII war-torn street, where player has to defend himself behind a bunker, with the use of several weapons (such as Thompson Submachine Gun, a Bazooka, MK2 Grenade, M1919 Browning Machine Gun etc)at his disposal. There will be various enemies in the form of human soldiers as well as tanks to take down in this game. Well, expect lots of destruction in this title.


This title is developed by HTC’s startup studio Fantahorn Studio and published by Vive Studios, making it one of the few first party title from HTC themselves. HTC has announced that the home version of this title will be coming in June, allowing private users of HTC Vive to play this title!

Currently, there is no listing for this title on Steam, but I am rather sure this will launch on Viveport platform when it is released in June. As HTC has stressed that they are adopting the multi-platforms stance, there’s a chance that HTC will release this title on the Oculus Store and PSN Store for Oculus Rift and Playstation VR as well in the future.


This title doesn’t have a trailer at the moment, but a sizzle reel of Vive Studios’ games did showcase a glimpse of the gameplay. Check out the sizzle reel below.