New "Summer Lesson" Game Confirmed!

Edited: the title has just been announced and confirmed over Famitsu web site!

Seemingly this title will also have a Deluxe version, that will include future DLC contents:

  • Summer Lesson: Alison Snow “International Exchange on the Porch”
  • Summer Lesson: Alison Snow “The Singing Voice of the Summer Sky”
  • Summer Lesson: Alison Snow “Extra Scene: Support Volume”
  • Summer Lesson: Alison Snow “Extra Scene: Watermelon Splitting”

The game will also connect with the first title in some form. For example, having the “Cat Volume” DLC allows you to have Alison’s maid costume right from the start.

Original: It seems we have some trophies appearing for a “Summer Lesson: Alison Snow Seven Days Garden” over at Exophase.

Judging by the game icon, it seems Alison Snow is the name of this blonde girl, who has previously appeared in the E3 2015 trailer for Summer Lesson (but she did not appear in the final version of the game).

Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room was released exclusively for the Playstation VR in Japan and Asia region. In this game, player play as a tutor for a schoolgirl by the name of Hikari Miyamoto, spending a week with her while coaching her on various subjects.

It seems perhaps Summer Lesson was originally going to feature both Alison Snow and Hikari Miyamoto, but Bandai Namco decided to split Summer Lesson into 2 seperate products, with the first one (Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room) focusing on just Hikari, and the second one focusing on Alison Snow here. This is just pure speculation on my part.

Regardless, with E3 around the corner, we might get our answer in the near future.