Polybius VR for PC is In Development

Llamasoft‘s Jeff Minter has just recently released his title “Polybius” for the Playstation 4, with Playstation VR support on May 9th 2017. Polybius is a retro-styled arcade shooter with racing elements, and is based on the urban legend of the game with the same title.

Today, Jeff Minter tweeted a photo of the game running on a PC, with him wearing the Oculus Rift, a gamepad in hands, along with the text “PC Polybius development”. In short, he’s making an Oculus Rift version of Polybius.

Jeff Minter said that he doesn’t have a HTC Vive yet, but they will likely end up supporting Vive as well as Oculus Rift. Its sort of a story in progress at the moment, because as of this writing, Daniel O’Brien (HTC Vive GM) looks to be reaching out to help him out now.

Check out Jeff Minter’s tweet below.