Steam New Release: CDF Starfighter

If you are looking for a space combat title, you might want to check out CDF Starfighter from Shaun Williams, which was released a couple of days ago.

CDF Starfighter is a VR-only title (there’s also a seperated non-VR version, Star Fighter Origins) described as a “VR space combat simulator”. Player will be assuming the role of a star fighter pilot, and do expect not just dog-fighting, but also capital ships and a ‘variety of diverse and fun missions and hours of VR fun’.

350 years in the future, we must unite and prepare to defeat a darkness which is about to consume our Galaxy. The extinction of the entire human race is almost upon us. We will depend on brave and skilled fighter pilots who have what it takes to join our elite forces and become a CDF Starfighter.

CDF Starfighter contain more than 70 missions between game modes (Campaign, Free Flight, Simulation and Scramble). There are 6 different unique role-specific playable ships, as well as full HOTAS Support and full control customization too!

Each modes offer different type of gameplay. In Campaign mode, you assume the role of Lieutenant Rodgers, and you get to enjoy 13 missions here. In Simulation however, you get to participate in challenges that are designed to teach you the basics and practice in space battles. This is the mode which you have to clear before Campaign mode is unlocked. Free Flight mode offer no enemies nor objectives, and you get to choose any of the 6 playable ships and any location from the CDF universe. If you just want to lay back and enjoy the scenery, well this is the one you should pick. Scramble mode offer a slightly more intense gameplay. There are over 30 different missions with ranking, and you get to gain perks for campaign mode and earn medals here.

CDF Starfighter require a gamepad to play, and is a seated play area title. This game is created by Shaun Williams.

Title: CDF Starfighter
Genre: Action, Adventure, Space
Developer: Shaun Williams
Publisher: Shaun Williams
VR Support: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, OSVR
Play Area: Seated
Link: Steam Page