"Alchemist Defender VR" Update Adds A New Set of Content

Alchemist Defender is a VR title from TreeView Studios, that’s already out on Steam as early access for the HTC Vive. This is an action/tower defense title, whereby you are able to construct buildings on the battlefield (that attack automatically any nearby enemies) , as well as going straight into the battlefield once a while yourself to thin the enemy herd, using a variety of weapons.

The title receives an update today, expanding the content with a new level, 3 new weapons and a set of new enemies for the new level.

The new level is set in a spooky graveyard, which you can view below. Just like the first level, there are multiple routes for the enemies to flank you easily, so don’t lose focus and remember to keep an eyes on the entire battleground.

The new level has its own set of skeleton-based enemies. Introducing the runner, healer and tank. Their speciality is pretty self explanatory by their name.

Here’s the look at 2 of the new weapons: a spiked mace and a crossbow with explosive-tipped arrows.

There are 2 more updates scheduled in the near future, one of which to fix the bugs and improve the game, while the other is another set of content expansion.

Check out the update announcement here.