"OVERTURN VR" on Steam Greenlight!

Action/Puzzler title OVERTURN VR is now up on Steam Greenlight to seek support from VR users!

You’ve found yourself inside a futuristic laboratory with no memory of who you are or how you got there. You begin to wonder – are there others like me?

Find your way out of the confines of the laboratory and unravel the story to understand what’s going on. You’ll meet Magi, a mysterious girl with a dark history equipped with special skills and abilities during your journey – work together to escape and reveal the secret of OVERTURN!

Designed for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, OVERTURN VR is the work of Korean developer Studio HG, with publishing by YJM Games. In this game, you will be taking down foes through a wide array of weapons, such as beam rifles, swords, or even your bare fists. Its not a full blown action title, as there will be narrative plot behind this title as well.

You will be assisted by a companion “Magi”, who possesses various abilities, such as slowing down time or conjuring shield to protect you. Along the story you will slowly discover the background story of this mystery ally of yours.

This game is scheduled for release in Summer this year.

Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer below.