"ChainMan VR" Trailer 3, August 15 Vive/Rift Release, PSVR Releasing Later

Update: There seems to be some conflicting information regarding the PSVR release date, which will be releasing after HTC Vive/Oculus Rift. On the site and youtube, it is written that the PSVR version will be arriving in Summer, while on twitter it is written that the PSVR will be launching in Autumn. I’ll clarify with the developer and update the information.

A stealth/horror/adventure VR title “ChainMan Nyctophobia” will be coming soon.

ChainMan VR is the creation of Japanese indie developer ouka-ichi-mon. This game is set on a derelict island, where the main character whom you will be playing as) wakes up on. You will discover that your hands are constrain by a handcuffs, and there are zombies roaming around. You soon discover that you are not the first person to have come into such circumstances, as you soon find clues scattered around by people who have previously attempted what you are attempting now: survival, and escape of the island.

These zombies are capable of sniffing your presence out and attacking you. You are largely unarmed, and you have to make use of everything you have got to avoid them, including fleeing and hiding in shadows and such.

This game also support 2 players co-op mode: 1 in VR, another to play on the monitor. In this mode, both players has to coorperate to clear the game.

The game will be releasing on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on 15 August 2017. It will also be coming to Playstation VR, but there is no release date for the Playstation VR release yet. A brand new trailer can be viewed below.