"Suspended Workshops" Announced for Oculus Rift & HTC Vive

A brand new VR title “Suspended Workshops” has just been announced for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!

Suspended Workshops is a puzzle/crafting title (with hints of tower defense game play) created by Suspended Reality. You will be tranversing to various worlds (a underwater world, a steampunk world, a jungle world, just to name some) , setting up your remote workshops on them as you gather resources to ‘protect and update the Time Clock and your arsenal’, including your own army of robots with their own specific roles (resources collector, defense, exploration).


Player takes on the role of G.E.A.R., a ‘former apprentice just turned supervisor of the Multiverse Time Clock – the device that controls Time in the Multiverse’.Your role is to keep the time running by making sure the clock is functional and running.

Your opposing force is a twin robots by the name of “Late” and “Delay”, accompanied by their cannon fodders. You have to place your defenses and recovery option. Since time is the key theme of this title, it factor into the gameplay as well. You will be able to control time such as slow, stop and even reverse it to your needs. Manipulating time is costly in resources though, so try to manage them carefully.


Gathering, crafting and upgrading those workshops look to be one of the key components of this title. The resources, eco-system and assets are procedurally generated, not to mention the day/night cycle system playing a part of the game as well. Your robot troops can be customized too.

There are different types of locomotion: Teleportation, Ninja Mode and Trackpad/Thumbstick. The last option is not implemented yet but will come in the future.


The game will also feature multiplayer, with crossplay between both Oculus and HTC Vive. No PSVR version in the work, though things may change in the future.

Suspended Workshops is made with Unreal Engine 4. It will be arriving late this year as early access with 2 universes (Steampunk & Cyberpunk). A demo is also available on the Steam page of the game. There’s also screenshots and a trailer below

A new demo and a new trailer will be coming soon.