"TRACE" VR Announced for Multi-Platforms


Horror is one of the most matching video game genre that fits well with virtual reality game. People consumes horror media because they loves the adrenaline of getting scared and horrified, and being immersive plays a key part in building up that fear. Therefore, it is not shocking to see so many developers rushing to marry VR and horror together. Today, a studio has just unveiled VR’s latest delivery of VR horror.

TRACE is announced as a survival horror title with traces of puzzle elements, with releases planned for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR, as well as the much-teased “XBox Scorpio VR”. Currently, TRACE is in its Alpha stage of development.

Nothing much has been revealed from the game, but this is what I have gathered:

“TRACE” is the acronym of the term “Tactical Response Authority capturing Entities”. The player play as one of the field operative investigators of TRACE, who is tasked to find those entities or traces, “study their behavior and bring them back to headquarters for containment and further analysis”.

The story of the game (or at least, the episode 1) commence with a mission briefing, where the player is send into an Enrichment Ranch, Michigan USA, after an unknown trace was picked up there 16 hours ago. Apparently the player (well, you) have to exercise caution, as backup and extraction will not be provided.

The trailer suggest that the game will be played using a game pad. It is unknown if motion controller will be supported. It will be a seated play area VR game.

TRACE is under development with the Unity Engine by Greenlight Games, a development studio based in the UK.