"Harvest Planet" & "Dark Legion" Getting Playstation VR Ports

2 Chinese VR titles, Harvest Planet and Dark Legion will be ported over to Playstation VR. Gamepoch will be publishing both titles. 

Dark Legion VR

Dark Legion VR is already on Steam as early access. It is a first person shooter title for the HTC Vive, from Ice World.

Dark Legion VR is a first person shooter (FPS) and magic game. You can move freely using HTC Vive and teleport yourself. All the scenes are open and free.Weapon System,Huge battle scenes, advanced game level design, and smart AI, making you indulged in the game for a dozen hours (which we wouldn’t suggest you to go for that long, 

Harvest Planet

Harvest Planet is a VR farming game that was voted by the community last year on Steam Greenlight and will come out on Oculus Rift too.

Jump in to the world of Harvest Simulator VR!

Made exclusively for VR Headsets experience farming life like never before.

Live in your own farm where you can use your farming tools and your skills to make the best farm possible. Plant new crops and see them grow with full day and night cycle.

Then you can sell your plants for cash.

You can buy new seeds, animals and you can also customize your farm and your home with furniture.

There is a lot more in this farm than you can’t even imagine.