"The Mage's Tale" VR New Trailer, Pre-Order Is Now Opened

Upcoming RPG/dungeon Crawler virtual reality title, “The Mage’s Tale” is due to arrive exclusively for Oculus Rift on June 20th 2017.

In true RPG fashion, you start out as an apprentice who must vanquish a series of foes and learn to command the mystic arts in order to save your master, Mage Alguin, from the evil wizard Gaufroi. Whether you’re into frenetic fight scenes, beguiling puzzles, or free-form exploration, The Mage’s Tale offers balanced gameplay to suit a number of play styles—all while wielding the elemental powers in the palm of your hand.

Pre-order for this magical VR title from inXile Entertainment is now open for pre-orders on the Oculus Store!

If you have played the free demo “Waltz of the Wizard” and have long for a full fledged wizard title, it looks like this title may very well suit that void. In this title, you will be conjuring and crafting spells of various elements, such as fire, wind, ice and lightning, as you engage in battles against the evil wizard’s minions, such as the goblins, giants, undeads and more. There will also be traps and puzzle solving to mix the gameplay up as well. The game will make use of the Oculus Touch for the gameplay.

If you are planning to purchase this title, you can pre-order the game on the Oculus Store.