"The Frontier Outskirt VR" Info, Screenshots, Trailer

Matt’s Creations is preparing virtual reality title “The Frontier Outskirt VR” for release on Steam soon, and we have got some new information, along with a trailer for it.

The “first game release[Alpha]” is coming up on 11st June 2017, and comes packed with 2 maps, 2 game modes, first collection of beam swords and weapons and others. There’s going to be content expansion in the form of multiplayer, and virtual avatar in the form of virtual hands, body etc, more maps, weapons, enemies, modes etc.

The Frontier Outskirts is a virtual reality game for HTC Vive. Fight against massive amount of cyborgs, droids and machines. Choose your favorite and most effective weapon & beam sword and enjoy the true power. Complete whole campaign to unlock all weapons and reach the top. You are also able to play custom match, so you can clearly enjoy the massive waves of biomechanic enemies. Dominate the skies and become one of the aces of universe.

In this room-scale only game, you will be fighting against cyborgs, droids and robots using the various weapons, swords and abilities, via the walking locomotion. According to them, there will be regular updates and they will be listening to the community for their future updates.

Check out the Steam Page to wishlist the game.