"VR Slugger: The Toy Field" Steam Page Up, Trailer & Screenshots

A brand new VR title “VR Slugger: The Toy Field” has just been added to the Steam database, and you can find access the Steam Page now.

The best VR batting experience ever! Welcome to the Toy Field! You will play against the robot pitcher who can throw a nasty breaking ball. But don’t be afraid! Pick your bat! Swing big! Knock it out of the park! Find out secret triggers in the field and achieve high scores ever!

According to the steam page, this game is developed by Poly Poly Games, and will be supporting the HTC Vive. The concept is based on Yakyuban, a Japanese old board game. There’s a puzzle mode, where you will have to hit the ball to the target. Clearing this mode unlocks the golden bat. In Time Attack mode, you have to hit as many hit runs as possible within the 30 secs time constrain.

There are 8 unique bats to unlock in this title.

VR Slugger: The Toy Field is due for release somewhere this month.