Oculus New Release: Counter Fight Samurai Edition

Tricol has just stealth released “Counter Fight Samurai Edition“, a VR fast paced action title on the Oculus Store!

Tricol has previously released “Counter Fight” for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Oculus Store and Steam. Counter Fight is a fast paced action cooking simulator, whereby VR player plays as a chef of a ramen store, and has to race against time to prepare and serve the meal orders of the hungry customers, as quickly as possible.

Counter Fight: Samurai Edition is a spinoff title. It has the same gameplay with some enhancements, and that the game is set in ancient Japan and task you in the role of samurai (hence Samurai Edition). The game is due to be released for HTC Vive too, but no words on when and other release info.

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