"AR Kanojo" Adult Game Site Tease

VR Kanojo (NSFW) is a vr adult title released for the Rift/Vive a while ago, which serves partially as a parody title of PSVR’s “Summer Lesson” title. In the basic premise of both titles, you play as a mentor who has to coach a girl in her room for a period of time. Summer Lesson take place over a week, while VR Kanojo take place over a day and there are various adult contents in the end.

Today, it has been discovered that there is a web site for AR Kanojo. It seems the title is getting an augmented reality version if we go by the guess of the title. Currently the site is in a teasing mode and there’s nothing announced yet. If I were to take a guess, my bet is that it will be a mobile AR title, that allows you to see your virtual girlfriend through your smartphone.

The site says it is coming soon.