Steam/Oculus New Release: Airtone VR

Japanese VR title “Airtone” is now up on Steam and Oculus Store! This is a rhythm title developed by Historia Inc, that’s compatible for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

From an all-star team of industry veterans comes Airtone, the Air Rhythm Action experience that brings true rhythm gaming into the VR scene! 

Move your hands to the markers flying towards you, then shake, trace, or pull the controller trigger to catch them in time! Airtone will place you in a powerful musical gaming experience where you’ll feel like you’re tearing across the skies to the music.

In this title, you will be tracing the lines with your motion controllers, as you catch the markers. Successful catches will produce a series of beautiful beats to the rhythm. Your gameplay is accompanied by your android friend “Neon”, whom you gets to interact with in the room segments. Great performances earns you rhythm points, which advances the plot and unlock items. 

Airtone-VR is currently available with a 17% launch discount.