"Don't Blink" VR Update

Have you heard about the “Weeping Angels” before? It is a villain from the Doctor Who tv series, which looks like angel statue. Weeping Angels are murderous psychopaths, and looks like statues of angels. They won’t move when they are being watched, but they can move incredibly fast when no one is watching it. As such, they tend to cover their eyes as if they saw each other they would be trapped in static stone form forever. If you encounter one of them, you have to make sure not to take your eyes too long off them while you escape. You can walk around, just try to not look away.

The concept of this villain is rather popular due to how scary it is when presented from 1st person experience. You are forced to look at it, and everytime you take a blink or away a little, they inches closer, in different frozen poses every time and you can tell that they have moved. Not only that, if they get too closed you get the classic jump scare when their face is literally a short distance away from you.

A game “Don’t Blink” , featuring the villain was released last year, and was playable for 3 months on BBC Taster. Utilizing the web cam, the game is able to tell if you are blinking, and thus whenever you blink, the weeping angel gets a distance in.

An unrelated VR horror game with the same title and utilizing the same gameplay mechanics is under development, except that you uses the VR headset instead of webcam. These enemies movement is based on your head movement rather than eye contact (well, perhaps when eye tracking for VR is a thing in future VR devices!) In Don’t Blink VR, you are being persuit by clowns rather than weeping angels, as it is indie title that is not affiliated with BBC/Doctor Who at all. You have to find and reach the end while moving past the clown(s).

The developer MayBeTall put up a prototype version of the game on the site since last year, and has been posting development updates periodically on reddit. Originally shooting for an April 2017 Steam release, the developer took a hiatus, but it seems active development has resume.

Here’s a video showcasing the game from several months back:

No announcement regarding the platform, but the HTC Vive looks to be a lock for now.