Oculus New Release: Witchblood

VR game company Hidden Path Entertainment has just released Witchblood over the weekend, exclusively for the Oculus platform!

Witchblood is a metroidvania action platformer game. In this title, you will be playing a character “Clara Pathemore”, who fled from the zealots into a forest, and now has to awaken the magical power without her to defend herself, as well as to stage a comeback to take back the town from the “Hunter”. There’s secrets waiting to be found as she embark on her journey to retribution.

Witchblood is played from the 3rd person perspective, and presented as a real time moving diorama, allowing you to see the actions from every angle, and thus bringing a brand new layer of experience in traditional metroidvania gameplay. While the gameplay is 2D, but everything in the game is beautifully rendered in 3D.

Hidden Path Entertainment states that there are over 6+ hours of gameplay, with over hundreds of rooms filled with enemies and traps. There are also 40 upgrades, as well as 4 difficulty levels too.

Witchblood is now available for Oculus Rift (Oculus Store) and Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Store).