"DOOM VFR" Steam Page/Playstation Store Page Live

Just like Fallout 4 VR, Bethesda‘s DOOM VFR has its Playstation Store Page and Steam Page up now, allowing VR gamers to pre-purchase or wishlist the title.

In DOOM: VFR, the demons from Hell have wiped out everyone inside the UAC’s Martian research facility – except you. As the last known human survivor, you have to restore operational stability and stop the demonic invasion. There’s only one catch: you’re about to be slaughtered yourself. But thanks to a top-secret UAC research program, your consciousness has been transferred to an artificial intelligence matrix. Along with all kinds classic DOOM weaponry, you’ll be armed with the ability to Teleport and Jet-Strafe so you can move fast in combat and quickly close the distance between you and the demons, then blow them to bloody bits with your Tele-frag ability. As an A.I. operative, you can also transfer your consciousness to UAC devices and robots to solve puzzles and gain access to new areas (including two never-before-seen sections of the UAC Martian Research Facility).

“Developing a DOOM game specifically for virtual reality has provided an exciting opportunity to not only surround players with the world of DOOM like never before, but also let them experience and explore the UAC and Hell in new ways, playing as new characters with totally unique tools and abilities,” says Robert Duffy, CTO at id Software.

“Since the hallmark of any DOOM game is combat, we’ve made it our top priority to ensure moving, shooting and killing demons with overwhelming force in virtual reality is as brutal and rewarding as it is in the DOOM experience that fans have been enjoying for the past year,” adds DOOM Game Director Marty Stratton.

With brutal combat from the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre as well as modern VR, DOOM: VFR brings id Software’s trademark carnage to a standalone VR game. See Mars and Hell from a new perspective, and lay waste to an army of demonic foes in a definitive adventure custom built for PlayStation VR and VIVE.

Unlike Fallout 4 VR, DOOM VFR is a brand new title rather than a VR remake. This title is under development by id Software , with publishing done by Bethesda.

DOOM VFR cast the player as the sole survivor of the aliens invasion of the UAC’s Martian research facility. It is set to be released somewhere this year (no date announced yet) for the HTC Vive and Playstation VR.